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Cort X500 Menace

Cort X500 Menace  ·  Source: Cort


The new Cort X500 Menace is an aggressive-looking, sleek modern guitar. Equipped with a Floyd Rose trem system, this blacked-out shredder has plenty of attitude and snarl.


Cort X500 Menace

Originally announced earlier this year, it looks like the Cort X500 Menace is now finally available to purchase. So here are the specifications for this all black axe:

The guitar has a 25.5″ scale length with a 7-piece maple/purpleheart/panga-panga through-neck, which should make it pretty rock solid. The body is mahogany with a maple top, both good choices for a guitar. Then you have an ebony fretboard with a 12-16″ radius, 24 frets, and a reverse headstock.

Cort X500 Menace

Cort X500 Menace · Source: Cort

Hardware and Electronics

The guitar comes fitted with a Floyd Rose 1000 Series tremolo system. Pickups include a set of Seymour Duncan humbuckers, with a Nazgûl in the bridge position and a Sentient in the neck position. These are wired via a three-way blade switch, and a volume and tone control. So a nice simple layout and perfect for ease of use.

With these pickups, the guitar should be able to offer a nice range of tones, as the Sentient model is a medium output unit, and that Nazgûl in the bridge is a lot hotter. This pairing should, theoretically, make sense and I can see why Cort may have chosen it for this stripped-back modern guitar.

Cort X500 Menace

Cort X500 Menace, all blacked out! · Source: Cort

The X500 Menace comes in a nice satin-black finish with black hardware, though you get to see the stripes of that seven-piece neck, so it has a subtle bit of flash in there as well. I quite like the styling, and those large body scoops should mean great upper fret access.

Price-wise, it is being listed for under a grand. The specifications are pretty decent, so it could be one to check out. Especially if you like that blacked-out, stripped-back vibe for your guitars.

 RRP – USD 849 / GBP 899

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Cort X500 Menace

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2 responses to “Cort X500 Menace, all black and with plenty of attitude”

    Ugo says:

    I really dislike the upside-down headstocks all the metal guitars have these days. This one and for example all the Solar guitars would be much much better looking with normal headstocks.

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