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Shattered Glass Audio Inferno

 ·  Source: Shattered Glass Audio

Plug-in developer Shattered Glass Audio has released Inferno, a simulator of five distortion and saturation circuits designed to add character, colour, and warmth to audio. Each circuit is based on an actual hardware unit, and every component simulated in full, claims SGA. The units’ names have not been revealed – you will have to recognize them by ear, or markings on the Circuit knob.


Given that description, this should be a nice “character” processor. But it has other tricks up its sleeve, too. Inferno has high and low-pass filters for taming boomy or screechy frequencies, a drive knob that lets you control the amount of the circuits’ effect applied, and a Mix knob for blending the effected and dry signal for parallel processing. There’s also a virtual VU meter, an output knob (though gain control is automatic), and a preset manager. Up to 8 times oversampling is supported for a clean, artefact-free audio signal.

With the choice of five circuits and the Drive control that lets you move between subtle and heavy overdrive, Inferno seems versatile and capable of adding analogue characteristics and flavour to any sound. It’s a creative distortion plug-in that may offer some unusual circuit emulations. Hopefully, CPU consumption is under control, for such effects tend to be on the processor-intensive side.

Price and availability

Inferno is available in VST and AU formats for 32 and 64-bit Windows and Mac computers. The introductory pricing is 25 USD (19 GBP, 21 EUR), down from the regular price of 50 USD (42 EUR, 38 GBP). A free demo version can be downloaded prior to purchase.

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