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Ukulele MEGA DEAL  ·  Source: Thomann


Thomann is currently offering huge savings on a bunch of Kala ukuleles. The deal includes everything the ukulele heart could desire – from the four-string soprano instrument, to the six-string tenor-uke, to the electro-acoustic bass guitar fretless models. Read on if you’ve been on the fence about purchasing one for yourself.



Whether as an alternative to a travel guitar, or just to try out a new instrument, if you’ve ever thought about buying a ukulele, now is the perfect time. This Thomann deal covers a whole range of different ukulele models. In the past few years, these little Hawaiian instruments have gained tremendous popularity, especially on YouTube, as they are easy to play and extremely portable.

However, if you are still not quite sure, here are four good reasons why you should pick up the ukulele:

  • They are easy to learn.

Compared to a regular guitar with steel strings, the soft nylon strings on a ukulele are a delight for inexperienced fingertips. And due to its smaller body and neck size, the tension in the wrist is far reduced, because notes are much easier to reach. Learning chord shapes and scales is also much easier with just four strings.

  • It is the ultimate travel tool.

Few instruments are as portable as ukuleles. You can take them anywhere, and there’s always room for one in your hand luggage. No large gig bags, and certainly no clunky hard cases. And if necessary, just throw them in the back seat or put them in your backpack.

  • Songs can be easily adapted.

From the Beatles to Metallica, pretty much every song can easily be adapted for the ukulele. Even complex chords can be reduced to make them easier to play.

  • Guitarists have a head start.

Guitarists can easily switch between the ukulele and their usual full-sized guitar. Scales and chords that have already been learnt can be transferred with very little rethinking. Impress your mates with your newfound uke skills!



This ukulele deal list will update itself automatically. In other words, if you no longer see any instruments here, it means they have been sold out.

Of particular note are the Kala KA-SMHCE-C Ukulele*, the Kala U-Bass* and Kala U-Bass Fretless*, all of which have been reduced from EUR 545 to EUR 299. These are high quality ukuleles for almost 50% off the normal price!

Offer price applies as long as stocks last (which I doubt will be very long).

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