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stutter glitch splutter Catalinbread Csidman delay

Catalinbread Csidman delay. Stuttering and spluttering all over the place.  ·  Source:

The Catalinbread Csidman ia a digital stutter delay and, perhaps, not for the faint hearted. It mangles your delay sounds beautifully and sometimes sounds just broken, but in a musical way.

The company have made a delay that glitches and stutters away to itself in almost a perfect mess of repeats. Its character is more suited to players that want something that doesn’t conform to the normal delay pedal standards. Think a delay with Tourette’s Syndrome, in that it can suddenly just go off and glitch. It’s a beautiful sounding effect when used subtly, or can become a more rhythmically unhinged affair when used in anger.

Apparently this is based on old portable CD player technology, which used an internal memory buffer to stop the music from skipping. Well unfortunately they glitched all over the place and so Catalinbread have exploited this ‘feature’ and incorporated it into the Csidman.

Control or not?

Control-wise you have five knobs labelled Mix, Feed, Time, Cut and Latch. The latter two are where the fun really starts as they allow you to get the sound glitching and hopefully tweak it to your desired amount. Rather than me try to explain them, watch the videos below as they give a much better idea of how this new pedal sounds. I believe you’ll have to hear it to understand exactly what it can achieve. You’ll either love it or hate it. I doubt there will be much middle ground with this pedal.

Beauty in chaos

I quite like it in small doses. However, I think you may want to do your Jonny Greenwood Radiohead impressions using one for a while and then perhaps move on. It reminds me of how a ZVex Fuzz Factory can suddenly lose the plot and start self oscillating. There is some mileage in there. But when does it cease to be unique and exciting? Too much and I think you’ll have audiences running for cover and getting bored with it.

Perhaps this is one of all you sonic warriors out there. For a few suggested settings and a history of the thought process behind the Csidman I would recommend checking out the company website for more details.

Csidman full specifications: Catalinbread site

RRP EUR €239


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