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Signum Audio Bute

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Developer Signum Audio has introduced a seemingly compelling plug-in – Bute Loudness Analyser. It’s a loudness analysis suite with a modern, colourful design and comprehensive feature set.


Among its points of interest are a Custom Warning System that guides your attention to mix areas in need of a touch-up. Furthermore, the graphical user interface supports free scaling, history view, size adjustment, and real-time updates in accordance with any changes in visual settings.

Bute is able to measure momentary loudness, true peak, and traditional RMS, providing the opportunity for detailed insight into your audio levels. In addition to all the included presets, Bute lets you roll your own by setting custom Loudness and True Peak targets.

Overall, Bute looks like a very capable and competent metering tool. The price, however, is firmly pro-audio territory. The Stereo version costs 200 GBP and the Surround version costs 250 GBP, all excluding taxes. So you better be in need of a darn good metering suite if you are about to spend that kind of dough. For the same kind of money, you can buy Ozone 8 and get plenty of mastering + metering action for your buck.

Then again, professional engineers who want nothing but the best will certainly appreciate Bute for its compatibility with major audio mastering standards, as well as presets tailored to en-vogue music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

More information is available at Signum Audio.



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2 responses to “Bute: a beautiful and expensive loudness metering suite”

  1. Cheers for the review! We would like to add that Bute will see a series of updates in 2018. We are working on an offline normaliser that should be added in the next week or two. Additionally, we will be continually updating the presets so our users get value for their buck.

  2. UPDATE: The Bute Loudness Suite has now been released. It is an integrated solution comprising of the Loudness Analyser, an ultra-transparent True Peak Brickwall Limiter and AudioSuite Normaliser. We are working to improve Bute even further:

    There has been lot of interest in our pro-audio loudness solution from a range of professionals, so we’ve decided to split Bute into the Suite and the Analyser as separate offerings. We are now offering the Analyser at £69 (+ vat) for Stereo and £89 (+ vat) for Surround, whilst the Suite maintains the original price.

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