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OBX Rack

OBX Rack  ·  Source: Abstrakt Instruments

Abstrakt Instruments have been running a Kickstarter to raise funds to manufacture a range of parts for the Oberheim OB-X synthesizer. These include filter boards, voice cards, motherboards and expansions. They have pretty much doubled their original goal and are now looking into the potential of an interesting stretch goal. If they can hit $25,000 then they’ll be offering the parts and assemblies for a full rack enclosure so that you can build your own OB-X synthesiser.

OBX Rack

The OBX rack kit will consist of the enclosure with front panel, panel board PCB and bill of materials for the front end, motherboard, I/O board and power supply. They reckon that will cost about $1000. You will, of course, have to build the thing yourself.

The tricky thing is that they are still over $5000 away from the stretch goal target. And because this product only becomes available once that goal is met then you’re going to have to wait for other people to buy other pledges to raise the money so that you can buy the OBX Rack kit! There’s like a day and a half left and they already have 19 backers, which sounds like everyone in the world who owns an old Oberheim OB-X synthesizer and needs new parts. Maybe they need an option for people to pledge support for the rack kit. But then they need to hit the $25,000 goal on the parts in order to have enough to consider making the rack. Oh it’s all so complicated and tantalisingly out of reach.

OB-X 4-voice card

OB-X 4-voice card

Well, who knows. We’ve had plenty of promised Oberheim clones that have not yet materialised. Maybe this could be the first one.

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