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IO Instruments

IO Instruments  ·  Source: IO Instruments

Ahead of Superbooth comes Berlin-based IO Instruments with a whole bunch of new Eurorack modules to release into the wild. Available from the summer they aim to bring high-quality modules and later on synths and groove boxes to market at some attractive prices.

IO Instruments

They have a very distinctive look going on although all I’ve seen so far is rendered images, and they all seem to have something extra going on.

IO Instruments Modules

IO Instruments Modules Themisto, Sinope and Sponde

  • Themisto: A precision VCO with 6 wave outputs, a sub, FM, PWM and a buffered thru for pitch and gate. It can also be used as an LFO. €149.
  • Sinope: 2 channel VCA with huge headroom and dynamic range. 3 attenuators per channel and LED indications. €159
  • Sponde: 2×6 channel audio and CV mixer with individual outputs for the first 4 channels. €169
IO Instruments Modules

IO Instruments Modules Pasiphae, Isonoe and Himalia

  • Pasiphae: Ring modulator with a wide range of sounds. €129.
  • Isonoe: 4 pole multimode VCF with resonance separation, make-up gain, FM and sinus distortion. €179.
  • Himalia: Quad Noise Generator featuring red, white and blue analogue noise and a digital noise with S&H output. But then is has 16 transient and 16 drone samples, a 6 voice square wave with filter and an external input. €159.
IO Instruments Modules

IO Instruments Modules Kallichore and Megaclite

These are a little bit weirder and look odd in these images without the screen. These are digital modules with lots of functionality and prices yet to be announced.

  • Kallichore: 6 voice FPGA based digitally controlled oscillator with 3 DCOs, sync, ringmod, envelopes and a TFT display.
  • Megaclite: Quad function generator for envelopes and LFOs.
IO Instruments DIA

IO Instruments DIA

  • DIA: Mic and Hi-Z preamp with 80dB gain, pad and phantom power. €269.

That’s quite a collection of modules to be kicking things off with. They also hope to bring some standalone groove boxes and synths to the party next year. It would be great to see these in the flesh as the images are not really doing them justice.

More information

  • Best information is on their Facebook page.