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Avantone BV-1 mkII

Avantone Pro BV-1 mkII  ·  Source: Avantone Pro


Avantone Pro has announced the BV-1 mkII large-diaphragm tube condenser microphone. The company says that it spared no expenses in developing the successor to the discontinued BV-1, which features a custom Cinemag output transformer and specially selected capacitors from six different manufacturers. Sounds promising – let’s have a look!


Avantone Pro BV-1 mkII

According to Avantone, the new BV-1 mkII was built from the ground up to deliver the highest possible sound quality. The large-diaphragm tube condenser microphone uses capacitors from six different boutique manufacturers, including Solen, Nichicon, Wima, Elna, Kyocera, and Epcos. Some capacitors were even custom-made for the BV-1. In addition to this, it features a Cinemag output transformer that was specifically designed for this microphone. Together with the 34 mm CK12-style capsule, these components deliver a big bottom end and airy highs, Avantone claims.

Avantone BV-1 mkII

Avantone Pro BV-1 mkII · Source: Avantone Pro

The microphone offers variable polar patterns from figure-8 through cardioid to omni. The manufacturer states a frequency response of 25 Hz to 20 kHz and a noise floor of less than 17 dBA. The BV-1 mkII can handle a maximum SPL of 134 dB (144 dB with the -10 dB PAD engaged). This means that it’s versatile enough to use it for things like percussion, piano, brass, or even guitar cabinets, in addition to vocals.


The BV-1 mkII comes in a hardshell case that contains the microphone itself (in a padded wooden box), a shock mount, the external power supply, and a custom 7-pin cable by Sommer.

Avantone Pro BV-1 mkII Specifications

  • Tube Type: Select Low-Noise Russian 6072A
  • Polar Pattern(s): Variable Figure 8 through Cardiod and Omni.
  • Capsule: Custom dual sided 34mm edge-terminated gold-sputtered Mylar (6 micron)
  • Frequency Response: 25Hz-20KHz
  • Output Impedance: <200 Ohms / transformer isolated
  • Sensitivity: -35dBV
  • S/N Ratio: 78dB (Ref. 1Pa A-weighted)
  • Noise Floor: < 17 dBA
  • Maximum SPL: 134dB (0.5% THD @1000Hz) 144dB with pad engaged
  • Equivalent Noise Level: <18dB (A-weighted IEC 268-4)
  • Output Connector: Male XLR 7 pin
  • High-pass Switch: 80 Hz 6dB/octave Switch
  • Attenuation Switch: -10dB Switch
  • Power Requirement: 90Vac-220Vac
  • Included Accessories: Power Supply, Padded Wooden Mic Box, Shockmount, Road Case
Avantone BV-1 mkII

BV-1 mkII · Source: Avantone Pro

Price and availability

The BV-1 mkII large-diaphragm tube condenser microphone will be available shortly for USD/EUR 1,099.00 plus VAT (MAP/MSRP).

More information about the Avantone Pro BV-1 mkII

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Avantone BV-1 mkII

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One response to “Avantone Pro announces the BV-1 mkII tube condenser microphone”

    Nathanael says:

    Saying that they were pursuing the “highest possible sound quality” is a dodgy thing to say (and I’m assuming they said it). For what they appear to be designing this for, there is no objective standard for them to achieve. If there was, they wouldn’t be using tubes and transformers.

    They should just say: “We did a LOT of R&D to design a microphone we like, and that we’re pretty sure a lot of other engineers will like.” That would pique my interest more.

    And the lack of any sound samples on their website doesn’t help either. I want to hear what this thing sounds like in a pro situation and judge their claim for myself. But I can’t.

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