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The first thing you want to do after spending all night perfecting the pristine quality of your mix is slap on a bit of speaker emulation to make it sound a bit crap. If that’s how you roll then Speaker from AudioThing is right up your alley. Of course it’s not just about sounding a bit rough it can also be used creatively for all sorts of overdrive and narrow bandwidth effects.


The overview video features a guitar and aptly demonstrates the usefulness of this kind of overdrive. There are three speaker emulations – bass, mid and high, along with drive and gain knobs to bring on the distortion and a fixed, one button compressor to keep things under control. It does that classic old radio kind of sound and does a great emulation of cheap guitar cabinet, but you can apply it to anything for a good bit of harshness. It also sports a randomizer function but what with only three knobs and a button I’m not sure it would generate anything too surprising.

The GUI looks great, very clear and easy to use and is available for OSX and Windows in VST, AU and AAX format. You can get it for free if you purchase any other AudioThing effect or instrument before April 21st otherwise the list price is £12.01

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