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Audio Damage Discord 4

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Developer Audio Damage has released Discord 4, the latest version of its stereo pitch shifter plug-in. Stereo is important, here – the plug-in has an all-stereo signal path with independent control over each side and panorama settings for stereo width.

The most visible change is the all-new vector-based, resizable interface that’s supposed to make it easier to get around the plug-in’s many features. Of course, pitch shifting is the prime directive, and Discord 4 has that covered with not one, but three algorithms – Vintage, Clean, and Granular. Each pitch shifter can be fine-tuned with the Buffer Size control that ranges from 32 to 2048 samples.

Discord 4 also offers tempo-synced & free-running delays with feedback, cross-feedback, and band-pass filter. A basic stereo reverb is also available as an addition to the feedback path, making for shimmer effects and other sound design possibilities. Modulation is handled by a pair of LFOs, capable of near-infinite modulation shapes. MIDI control is possible as well, with six pitch-shifting octaves controllable via MIDI note input.

All that makes for a rather complete feature list that’s sure to turn Discord 4 into a successful continuation of the series. In addition to Mac & Windows computers (in 32- and 64-biy VST, AU, and AAX formats), Discord 4 will be hitting iOS devices in the form of AUv3 and Inter-App Audio as well. The price is 59 USD, and upgrade pricing is provided for owners of former versions.

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