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Ampethron  ·  Source: Ampethron


Ampethron  ·  Source: Ampethron


Ampethron has been pushing a few teasers around the internet about a new futuristic looking synthesizer. Now we have some sound demos and a few more images to play with and a launch date of 1st September 2020? That doesn’t seem right – turns out, it is!



I signed up to the launch event party at the end of August which, I thought, was for the 1st September 2019. I was then surprised to notice when I wrote this article that the date was actually 1st September 2020 – that seemed odd because who would sign up to a party over a year in advance? Anyway, my assumption that the date had been changed has been challenged by Morpheus Nextermensis from Ampethron who said the following:

Our plan was always this: In January 2020 we are starting crowdfunding campaing (no need it, have lot of money but want to know how many pieces should be produced in first batch etc.). then we will manufacture and distribute first limited series. After that start serial production with official launch party – September 2020.

And I’ve corrected this article to reflect this new information, sorry for any confusion.

They are offering a €200 discount on one of the first units if you sign up for their 2020 launch event. So we can all relax because this thing isn’t happening for ages.

What we do know is that on the 13th of September they revealed this sound demo:


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It sounds a lot like an episode of Doctor Who. It says “Part 1/4” so I guess we assume there are more examples to come? A comment on the video says they have more 15 videos coming soon in the yawning gap between now and when this synthesizer exists?

As far as the images go we know that much if not all of the control system is based on a touch-screen interface. So is this an iPad app with a keyboard attached? We don’t know. The interface looks impressive and fabulously futuristic. They say it’s a new concept with a new style of control and playing sounds. It’s going to be “revolutionary for live-acts and DJs”, there are new forms of synthesis and re-synthesis in here and you can draw your own waveforms. It has 2 filters, 4 oscillators and is all based on hardware DSP.

It does sound very interesting indeed. Not sure the secrecy and tease campaign or the decision to release information this early is really working for them but all that matters is the product and I’m looking forward to seeing it.

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One response to “Ampethron Sci-Fi DSP hardware synthesizer is a year from launch”

    Paul Boos says:

    Those sounds are interesting – very sci-fi like… If it has some connectivity via MIDI (preferably) I may be interested, otherwise it will be a sound effects machine unfortunately. The interface looks interesting, but not knowing what anything is supposed to do means well it could be useless and an actual horrible UX experience.

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