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Man buries guitar in desert

Man buries guitar in desert  ·  Source: Youtube/ Guitar MAX

It’s a question I’m sure you’ve often asked yourself: “What happens when you bury your guitar in the desert?” Luckily, YouTuber Guitar MAX has made a video in which he buries a Les Paul in the desert. 

A Les Paul gets the desert treatment

OK, so I’ve never asked myself that question. But someone has buried his guitar in the ground, so now I’m curious.

The premise: leave a Les Paul buried in the desert for about a month and then come back to dig it up and see if it’s still playable. Seems like a daft thing to do, but at this point, I’m hooked!

Buried guitar

Buried guitar

The guitar in question looks like a cheap knock off copy of a Gibson Les Paul. Sure, the chances are that it will survive. I reckon all that thick poly guitar finish will ward off any worms and insects, so it should be fine. Now, if it had been a real American built Les Paul from Gibson, then it may have sustained some finish damage and that headstock would probably have fallen off when he dropped it in the hole. Just kidding.

I’ll be checking back to see how this turns out, but if you have already tried this experiment, feel free to comment below and tell me how it worked out for you.

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7 months ago

i once burried my ego in the desert, it still worked after i dug it up two years later

7 months ago

My cat is daily digging her excrements because it smells so evil. The enemy could find the cat!