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VHT D-Fifty is a 50-watt is a hand-wired Dumble amp clone for $849!  ·  Source: VHT

The D-Fifty is a 50-Watt is a new hand-wired amp by VHT. And yes, it is based on the highly sought-after boutique Dumble amp circuit. Coming in at under thousand dollars, this amp head could be a very attractive for tone chasers. 

Dumble Tone

The new VHT D-Fifty is a single-input amp head. The first thing that jumps out at you is the presence of three switches for attaining different voicings: Bright, Mid Boost and Jazz/Rock. There’s also a three-band EQ, plus Master, Drive, Level and Presence controls.

The tubes used here are three 12AX7 preamp tubes and two Ruby Tubes 6L6GC in the output section. The amp is hand-wired throughout and includes a two-button footswitch that you use to activate the preamp boost and overdrive sections.

VHT D-Fifty is a 50-watt is a hand-wired Dumble amp clone

VHT D-Fifty is a 50-watt is a hand-wired Dumble amp clone

VHT D-Fifty rear panel

VHT D-Fifty rear panel

VHT D-Fifty

For the money, this amp offers a heck of a lot of ’boutique’ amp features. If it is anywhere near the tone of an original Dumble amp, then it will become a very attractive proposition; it’s a fraction of the cost of an original.

This is one for all you tube amp lovers to check out and evaluate in 2020. STart by having a listen to he video below. I’m pretty astounded by the price point and am looking forward to hearing reviews from users over the coming months.

Considering a player like John Mayer is famed for playing an original Dumble amplifier and that the originals can change hands for $70,000 or even $150,000 each, this new VHT model could be an absolute bargain.

RRP – USD 849

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Steve Thachuk
4 months ago

I tried it at NAMM and talked to the designer a bit. It’s pretty great. Well worth it at this price. Really responsive and surprisingly versatile. It was easily the favorite amp I tried, but it didn’t get much attention cause it was quietly sitting in its distributor’s booth. I’ll definitely be taking a punt on it.

1 month ago
Reply to  Steve Thachuk

Talked to the designer I thought Howard Dumble was pretty much retired because he’s the one that actually designed it. Not VHT.. Inferior Chinese caps cheap metal film resistors instead of carbon.. No precision Dale plate resistors or orange drop sprague capacitors? Its a fizz buzz machine.. A knock off of and original.. Its sounds absolutely nothing like my custom Robben Ford 102 I hand built! Just and honest upfront opinion. Been playing and building tube amplifiers for 40 years.. Just saying