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Tula Mic

Tula Mic  ·  Source: Tula


Tula is a new company formed by the president and co-founder of Soyuz Microphones. For the Tula Mic, they’ve teamed up with Swedish software engineers and Spanish designers. The result is a tiny, portable USB microphone for podcasting, streaming and video conferencing that doubles as a standalone recorder – we think that they may be onto something here. Plus, it looks razor-sharp (pun intended!).


The Tula Mic

Sadly, it’s useless as a razor. But the Tula Mic, which is a collaboration of the newly formed Tula with Swedish software developers and designers from Barcelona, has many other things going for it. Aimed at the growing content creation, podcasting, streaming and video conferencing markets, the Tula Mic promises to be a portable all-in-one solution that you can take anywhere.

At the heart of the Tula Mic are uni-directional and omni-directional capsules. This means that you can set it up to capture a single person or a room full of people. The microphone also contains an embedded background noise reduction algorithm developed by “a well-known Swedish software company” – we can only speculate as to which company that might be.

The Tula Mic connects directly to a computer over a USB-C connection, which also serves to charge the battery. According to Soyuz Microphones, the Tula lasts up to 12 hours on a single charge. There’s a headphone output for monitoring that doubles as an input for a clip-on lavalier mic – a smart feature that increases the mic’s functionality even further.

ula Mic

The Tula Mic doubles as a portable recorder

If you’re on the road and don’t have a computer with you, the Tula Mic also works as a stand-alone digital recorder that records 48kHz/16bit WAV files. This, too, seems like a well-thought out feature that’ll please many mobile content creators.

And then, there’s the design. Soyuz says that it looks “both modern and nostalgic”, which pretty much sums it up. There’s a certain retro feel to it that’s surely going to be a hit with the hipster crowd. To position it on a desk, simply flick open the integrated desk stand. The microphone will be available in three colors.

I think the Tula Mic is a very attractive new option for all your mobile content creation and recording needs – in terms of functionality and looks.

Tula Mic

The Tula Mic is available in three colors

Price and availability

According to the manufacturer, the Tula Mic is “launching soon”. We can’t tell you exactly when that’ll be, but you can sign up on their website to receive a 20% launch discount. The regular price will be USD 199.

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Tula Mic

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