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Say hello to the latest in knob technology! That Klick Knob is a product designed for guitar players, allowing them to find the sweet spot on their guitar and then save it as a preset. But do you really want to pay $20 for a knob?


That Klick Knob

The new ThatKlick Classic knob from That Klick is a Strat-style ribbed replacement knob that uses a low-profile switch to create a detent when pressed down, or ‘clicked’, thus allowing guitarists to save the sweet spot on their guitars. When the switch is pulled up, the knob turns freely as normal. When pushed down though, the knob still spins, but you can feel an indentation where the sweet spot has been marked.

That Klick Knob instructions

That Klick Knob instructions

Knob Variations

There are a few variations of the knob in different finishes, including black and white with silver or gold, and the price varies depending on what you opt for. But starting at USD 20.99, it could get pretty expensive buying a set of three to replace your current Strat style guitar knobs.

That Klick Knob in black or white

That Klick Knob in black or white

They should fit most pot shafts and therefore you could put them on any guitar. Although, I do think the skirted Strat-style knob might look a bit daft on a Les Paul. I’m sure someone out there will love these knobs, it’s just that I think it might possibly a solution to a knob problem that doesn’t really exist. You can watch the demo video below for more information, or follow the link if you want to get your hands on one of these special knobs.


To be honest, I don’t see myself wanting to fiddle with my knob mid gig.

RRP – USD 20.99-22.99

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    James016 says:

    “To be honest, I don’t see myself wanting to fiddle with my knob mid gig.“

    This made me lol.

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