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As a logical follow-up to their new Intonation- Compensated 'Harmonic Bridge Saddles’ they have now announced a range of Telecaster Bridge Plates to go with them It all sounds a bit like ‘snake oil’ to me and I am not convinced this would have much affect on a Telecasters amplified sound.

More sustain by internal ageing process?  ·  Source:

Hamburg-based company T-Tune Guitar Parts have introduced a new ‘Internally Aged’ Telecaster bridge-plate which they say have absolutely incredible sustain properties compared to a regular Telecaster bridge-plate. They are using a method derived from processes used in church bell making to get more sustain. The new bridges have just been announced; T-Tone have also posted a video to support their claims.

When I was a kid, we were always told to leave your guitar in front of your Hi-Fi speakers, as the sound would send vibrations through your guitar and therefore make it more resonant over time… I tried this as a teenager for years on end and honestly I never heard any difference.

I have built a lot of Telecasters myself over ten years and have experimented with different bridges and saddles. The materials can make subtle differences, especially with the saddles. I just cannot fathom how an internally-aged base plate, which will be dampened by the guitar’s body by design anyway will have any influence on the tone of my guitar. Of course hanging them up and bashing them like a bell they may sound different. I’ve linked to the video below so you can make up your own minds on this one.

The T-Tune Tele Bridge-Plates are made in Germany from traditional cold rolled steel which is then ‘Internally Aged’ using an ancient metal-working thermal technique, as developed by bellmakers to improve the clarity and sustain of bells. This process supposedly gives the effect of a vintage bridge that has been intensively played for many years.

Specifications below.

• Rounded contours for extra player- comfort (no more sharp edges to injure your hands)
• Nickel Plating for vintage look

T-Tune Tele Bridge Plates are available in various different versions including:
• Traditional
• Cutaway
• B Type (for Bigsby or B/G Bender)
• Lowrider
• Short

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