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Tiptop Z-DSP MKII  ·  Source: Gearnews

The look of the original Z-DSP from Tiptop Audio seems so far away from their current style. This newly minted Z-DSP MKII will set that straight. Although is it more than just a paint job?



It’s a cartridge based digital sound processor for your Eurorack. It has a stereo DSP processor with 24-bit sampling, 15kHz of bandwidth and is open to programming. Direct control of the DSP is realised in the knobs and controls on the front along with complete CV control. This enables the Z-DSP to be an active, modulated part of the flow of your Eurorack which is something very difficult to achieve with computer-based DSP.

The features of the Z-DSP depend on the cartridge that’s inserted in the front. There are currently 6 cartridges available covering delays, granular, chorus, pitch shifting and physical modelling.

The DSP inside the MKII is the same as the original, as is the layout of the front plate. The new version has a much improved audio engine, Tiptop told us at Superbooth, with better noise rejection, sound quality, and a smoother mix knob. The input has been tweaked so it’s less likely to run into distortion. So overall the MKII offers an update, an improvement rather than an overhaul.

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