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Rossum Electro-Music SP-1200 Renovation

Rossum Electro-Music SP-1200 Renovation  ·  Source: Rossum Electro-Music


It is 35 years since the introduction of the E-mu System “SP” sampling system. To celebrate Dave Rossum (E-mu founder) and Rossum Electro-Music are renovating an extremely limited number of original SP-1200 and making them available for sale.


SP-1200 Renovation

The SP-1200 was a remarkable 8 track 12-bit sampler widely used as a drum machine since its release in 1987. It was favoured for its vinyl-like sound quality and ease of use. They remain much sought after and there’s currently a reproduction in the works by Isla Instruments called the SP-2400.
Rossum Electro-Music SP-1200 Renovation

Rossum Electro-Music SP-1200 Renovation

Anyway, Dave and his team have decided to find as many SP-1200s as they can, strip them down and apply the following enhancements:
  • A new 3.5″ disk drive and SD card floppy emulator integrated into the original SP-1200 software by Dave Rossum
  • Manual filter cutoff frequency control sliders for the SSM 2044 analog filters for channels 1 and 2 added to the rear panel
  • A new metal chassis
  • A new panel overlay
  • The top shell restored and painted “SP Grey.”
  • A new power supply with locking connector (and cool operation)
  • A new LCD display with adjustable brightness and a selectable red, blue, or green color LED backlight
  • All new play buttons
  • All new programming buttons
  • All new 1/4” and MIDI jacks
  • All electrolytic and tantalum capacitors replaced with high-reliability ceramic or aluminum-poly caps
  • All rotary potentiometers replaced with million cycle lifetime pots and installed with new knurled black metal knobs
  • All slide potentiometers replaced with 200,000 cycle lifetime sliders and installed with new slider knobs
  • All original trimmers replaced with 20-turn versions and precisely calibrated
  • New rubber feet
  • An individualized Dave Rossum signature plaque
  • A dust-proof, crush-proof, lockable Pelican™ brand case with press-and pull latches, wheels, and an extendable handle.
  • Full testing and calibration by Rossum Electro-Music

They are going to be available direct from Rossum Electro-Music for the sum of $7,500.

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  • Rossum Electro-Music SP-1200 Renovation: Rossum Electro-Music
Rossum Electro-Music SP-1200 Renovation

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