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Robaux LL8

Robaux LL8"  ·  Source: Robaux


Robaux has released an upgrade on the LL8 trigger sequencer. The LL8″ (Little Eight 2) brings in the big buttons of the SWT16 and a bunch of new features.



Robaux makes some very classy modules. While not particularly prolific, the lineup is solid, competent and available built or as a very well-documented kit. The LL8 is a little favourite of mine as a very cool multi-channel trigger sequencer in a nicely compact form. However, when it’s in a rack that’s oozing patch cables those buttons can be a bit fiddly. Well, now we don’t need to worry about that anymore because the LL8″ brings the same kind of action but with much more accessible buttons.

You get 16 buttons for the 16 steps in your pattern plus 4 more buttons that have some special tasks. The buttons take your traditional 808-style step programming and put them in a 4×4 grid. You can then turn the steps on and off for whatever channel you’re working on. You can also play live if you prefer.

New features include adding a Fill option that puts steps on repeat. Your patterns can be polymetric because you can now set different lengths for each channel. There’s also a reset, legato and superb probability function to add some nice variation. And if you’re not sure what to put in then you can generate a random pattern at the touch of a button or two.


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It’s a nice little drum machine. You can also chain up your patterns for longer variations which means you can build songs around it. And if you tire of your modular drum sources you can add a little 2HP MIDI expander and run whatever MIDI drum sounds you like. I would have liked to have seen a bit more CV input to maybe trigger fills, randomisation or swap patterns but as it is, it’s quite a neat and, because of its larger size, very interactive module.

The new features are also available on the original LL8 via a firmware update.

Robaux LL8"

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4 responses to “Robaux LL8″: Little drum sequencer with big buttons”

    Xonbob says:

    That’s polymetric, not polyrhythmic. Sorry to be the, Grammer police. But there is a lot of confusion around those terms. But don’t take a random guy on the internet word on it, look it up yo

    Pericles says:

    I’ve been interested in the prev version of this module for a while. Do you know if the new version will also be available as a DIY kit?
    Also, there is an extra cv path point (10 vs 9) do you know what is it for?
    It is also worth noting the new version is 4hp bigger if I’m not mistaken.

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