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Rast Sound Evolver

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Developer Rast Sound released Evolver, its most ambitious project yet. Revolver is a self-modulating multi-fx plugin that lets you chain up to 5 different effects and modulate every parameter with dedicated LFOs. The signal flow and architecture are designed with one master Dry/Wet knob and additional mix knobs for each individual effect where applicable. This way, you can meticulously dial in fx signal levels how you want them.


Rast Sound Evolver

Evolver features 5 effects (modulation, delay, distortion, filter, reverb) with instant, drag and drop-based arranging of their order. Whenever you click an fx parameter knob, a custom LFO for that parameter immediately appears underneath. Each LFO can be configured with rate, depth, waveform (sine, tri, square, random, slewed random) and wave phase parameters for that specific knob. You can even modulate the master dry/wet knob. Rate-depth modulated chorus, time variant delay/reverb mixes, time variant damped reverbs, evolving distortion amount, and type-cutoff-resonance modulated filters are just some of the possibilities.

Evolver also has a special trick up its sleeve. It lets you morph between filter (lopass, bandpass, hipass, notch) and modulation fx types in real-time. For example, you can morph between low-pass and band-pass filters by modulating the filter type knobs with LFOs. There’s also an interesting modulation process for Delay and Reverb effects. When used in Pre mode, the modulation will not affect the FX tails. In Post mode, it will. So you can use it for more natural (but still time variant) or more specific sound design goals.

As a modern interface touch, Evolver has both Dark and Light mode visuals. It also ships with a healthy number of presets to try out sounds and learn how to tweak the modulators. I think Rast Sound managed to bring something fresh and very usable to the crowded world of multi-effects plug-ins.


Rast Sound Evolver – Price and availability

Until July 5th, Rast Sound Evolver is being sold for EUR 29, down from EUR 39. The plug-in is available in AU and VST3 formats for 64-bit Windows and macOS computers.

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Rast Sound Evolver

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