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 ·  Source: Radial

 ·  Source: Radial

Radial Engineering has started shipping its Presenter audio presentation mixer. It’s designed to easily accommodate signals from mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops over USB or 3.5mm TRS. The XLR outputs are balanced and able to deliver signal to powered speakers or a PA system. There’s a mono switch for downmixing the output to mono, as well as as a ground lift switch for hum prevention.

The Presenter also includes a microphone preamp, which is an obvious need in almost any presentation scenario. Basic volume and EQ adjustments are available as well, the latter dealing with the microphone input. There are low and high frequency controls, as well as a low cut filter. Furthermore, an USB input enables direct digital connection to a laptop for streaming audio, along with bus power. USB recording is on offer, too.

The Presenter is a smart solution from Radial. Traditional mixers may be bulky and have features which may be redundant during a presentation. This mixer is very streamlined and has a clearly defined practical purpose. We certainly like Radial’s approach here. At USD 299, though, one can buy a bigger and more feature-rich mixer, albeit one that isn’t tailored specifically to presentations.

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