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Rossum Electro-Music Panharmonium

Rossum Electro-Music Panharmonium  ·  Source: Rossum Electro-Music


Rossum Electro-Music enjoys bombarding us with complex modules with unfathomable names. The Panharmonium is their latest mind-boggling machine.



It takes in audio, analyses the spectral content and then uses that to drive a bank of 33 oscillators. See, that wasn’t too complicated! What we don’t have at the moment are any audio or video examples and so we have to imagine what that might sound like. The input can be anything, a single sine wave or vocals or complex swirling pads. The spectral information is then sliced, arpeggiated, modulated and messed with before generating its own multi-voice response using the basic waveforms of the oscillators.

Let’s break it down.

Spectral Analyser – this captures the spectral information and you have controls over the centre frequency and bandwidth. There’s also a slice rate and a freeze function to hold onto the current spectrum.


Spectral Modifiers – Add voices from 1 – 33 to resynthesize the spectrum. The Blur control slows down the speed of change and Feedback sends the resynthesized signal back to the front of the signal chain.

Oscillator Bank – Choose from sine, triangle, sawtooth, pulse and a crossfading sine and sawtooth. There’s a polyphonic glide control. The Mix control lets you mix the original signal back in.

There are more features like a drum mode and some spectral warping just to mess things about.

It’s going to be interesting to hear how this all works in reality and the sort of sonic possibilities that it offers. For the moment we have an image and a release date of late Spring which probably means we’ll see it working at Superbooth in May.

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Rossum Electro-Music Panharmonium

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