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Vox Bobcat S66 Bigsby

Vox Bobcat S66 Bigsby  ·  Source: Vox

For 2021, Vox has revamped its Bobcat semi-hollow models and given them a little makeover, and offering a new single-coil pickup version. Admirers of the first two versions launched last year now have the Bobcat V90 and S66 Bigsby models to look forward to in 2021.

Vox Bobcat V90 and S66 Bigsby

Vox has announced two new finishes for its Vox Bobcat models, Jet Black and Sapphire Blue. I think that both work quite well with these semi-hollow guitar designs. Both Vox Bobcat models share the same basic construction method: a maple plywood body with a weight-relieved spruce centre block, a 25.5″ scale length mahogany neck and an Indonesian ebony fretboard.

Vox Bobcat V90 and S66 Bigsby

Vox Bobcat V90 and S66 Bigsby. Now available in wither Jet Black or Sapphire Black finishes

Bobcat V90 Bigsby

The Bobcat V90 Bigsby is loaded with a pair of VOX V90 pickups wired via twin volume and tone controls. It comes equipped with a Bigsby trem system. The Jet Black model comes with a black Bigsby B700 whilst the Blue Sapphire comes with a Bigsby B70.

RRP – USD 2139.99

Bobcat S66 Bigsby

I think this one is interesting, as it isn’t that often that you see three single-coil pickups on a semi-hollow with a Bigsby. And this Bobcat S66 Bigsby comes factory footed with three VOX S66 single-coils, and has three volume knobs and a tone control. Again, the Jet Black model comes with the black Bigsby B700 and the Blue Sapphire comes with a Bigsby B70 system.

RRP – USD 2139.99


A good semi-hollow guitar needs silky, rounded tones, so it’s nice to see two new pickup variations on offer. Having a Bigsby to hand should make these more fun to play. Check out the sound of these models in action in the videos below. Let us know what you think of these two new Vox Bobcat models in the comments section!

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