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Electrosmith Daisy Patch

Electrosmith Daisy Patch  ·  Source: Sonicstate

Electrosmith Daisy

Electrosmith Daisy  ·  Source: Sonicstate

Electrosmith Daisy Field

Electrosmith Daisy Field  ·  Source: Sonicstate

Electrosmith Daisy Petal

Electrosmith Daisy Petal  ·  Source: Sonicstate

Electrosmith Daisy Pod

Electrosmith Daisy Pod  ·  Source: Sonicstate


Electrosmith’s Daisy is a development platform for audio applications. It’s like an Arduino, Pi or Teensy but designed expressly for audio use. You can plug it into a breadboard or run in their Daisy Patch, Daisy Field or Daisy Petal test platforms.



It’s a little microcomputer that you can program and upload firmware to in the way you would an Arduino. It has stereo in/out, 64mb of RAM, 32 bit depth and 96k sample rate. It has enough juice to handle DSP in audio generation or processing and you can use it to create whatever instrument or effects you could want.

Electrosmith Daisy

Electrosmith Daisy

They had it running on the Daisy Patch Eurorack development module which has various CV and audio inputs and outputs and lets you work on your module right in the rack. They had a similar idea with the Daisy Field which is a little synthesizer platform with a little keyboard, knobs, audio and CV and MIDI in/out; and the Daisy Petal which has 4 footswitches and other controls. All these platforms give you a simple and immediate way to test your code in the real world before you get into the design of your own hardware to go around Daisy.

They have a much smaller solution as well called the Daisy Pod that gives you the basic audio and MIDI in/out with a couple of knobs.

Electrosmith Daisy Pod

Electrosmith Daisy Pod

It’s all completely Open Source and Electrsmith hopes that a community will take it on and start producing all manner of effects and instruments. Electrosmith has released the code to an oscillator and a variable state filter that’s on their Github page. You can code in C++ or Arduino at the moment and you can also export Puredata and Max MSP.

I think we’ve been crying out for something specific. Otherwise, with Teensy and Arduino you’re forever having to rely on additional boards and code to handle the MIDI and audio side of things. This could really enable a whole slew of new modules, effects and ideas.

It should all be coming to Kickstarter in a couple of weeks and you can expect the Daisy to go for $29.95.

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Image Sources:
  • Electrosmith Daisy: Sonicstate
  • Electrosmith Daisy Pod: Sonicstate
Electrosmith Daisy Patch

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