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Behringer tease

Behringer tease  ·  Source: Behringer

With one day to go Behringer dumps another tease onto the internet. Not so sure about this one and neither is the internet.

1 Day to go

Well, let’s say-what-we-see like an episode of Catch Phrase.

It’s a radio, a transistor radio. It has 3-bands which we can assume are FM, Medium Wave and Long Wave in radio terms. They are labelled in Chinese. The bands are set to about 99, 115 and 14 respectively. Some people are saying the TR from transistor radio means it’s a reference to a Roland TR clone. But we’ve already had a tease about a TR-606 and I think these teases are supposed to be about different things. Everyone mentions the RD-9 of course but that’s already known and so is unlikely to be the subject of a tease.

Well, if I say what I see then I see an FM radio playing some German sports commentary and so I’m putting my money down on a sporty FM synthesizer of some kind. But this one does have me bit foxed. What do you think?

One more sleep until we all find out.

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Its clearly an FM synth of some type.

Marcus Kyed

There are a bunch of people (including me) who think that it’s the UB-Xa (Oberheim OB-Xa clone), as the UB could be short for Usain Bolt in this context (hence the sports commentary on the radio…). Exciting!


That would be wonderful but it seems unlikely after Uli posted the following in late November 2019 on the gearslutx UB-Xa thread… Originally Posted by Uli Behringer Allow me to give you some feedback on the UB-Xa. Around a year ago I announced the development of the UB-Xa synth. I also mentioned that this synthesizer would be a “side-project” since we had to attend to higher priorities, in particular the revolutionary Midas HD digital mixing console. Nearly 100 engineers worked on this project for over 5 years and nothing could be more important than launching it. The Midas HD console… Read more »