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EBS Effects Retracer Delay Pedal

EBS Effects Retracer Delay Pedal  ·  Source: Tom Fairbairn/

Swedish effect manufacturer EBS is presenting a new delay pedal at its NAMM booth. The Retracer Delay isn’t listed on its website at the moment, and we don’t yet have much in the way of technical details. 

The controls look quite standard for a delay: Level, Tone, Feedback and Delay. Pretty much what you’d expect thus far. Then there’s the “Mode” selector and an information display. Presumably, this will be to select the delay type algorithm and other parameters. We’ve heard that it does support MIDI and external expression pedals, and that you will be able update the Retracer via USB for firmware updates.

The market is always ready for a rugged, easily usable, nice-sounding delay – even if it doesn’t have 50 billion parameters, MIDI control, and make your coffee for you. The price point will be important, no doubt. We’ve heard a price of $299 being quoted, but there’s no confirmed official pricing as yet. For that money, you’d expect it to offer some classy sounds and other useful options, though.

EBS are, of course, well known for bass amps and effects pedals, so it will be interesting to see if this specially designed with bassists in mind or if it’s equally useful for bass and guitar.

We’ll be adding to this post as we get more details, so check back.


EBS Retracer Delay Pedal at NAMM 2018

EBS Retracer Delay Pedal at NAMM 2018

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