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Mythos Pedals Herculean Dual Overdrive

Mythos Pedals Herculean Dual Overdrive  ·  Source: Mythos Pedals


The Mythos Pedals Herculean Dual Overdrive had a preview at NAMM this Winter and is about to be released any day soon.  This boutique overdrive offers the Herculean and Runestone drive tones in one dual drive pedal.


Herculean Dual Overdrive

The Herculean Deluxe is the latest Myth Pedals entry into the world of double overdrives, not least due to the great demand of Myth fans. On the left side of the pedal is the circuit of the Herculean, which is considered a Swiss army knife among the drives and covers a wide range from Clean Boost to Dumble-like sounds.

A special feature of this OD is the controls for clarity and bass, where users can optimally adjust their highs and basses.


Mythos Pedals Herculean Dual OverdriveRunestone

Next up, is the Runestone side over on the right of the pedal, which is a further development of the classic Blues Breaker. Improvements over the original circuit include a decent portion of output, less brittle highs (which can be adjusted internally if necessary), and the voice control also gives users far more flexibility.

Combine the two drive sides and it potentially offers overdrive nirvana and will put a huge smile on your face when you are playing.

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Inside the housing, four mini-DIP switches with further clipping options for both circuits are waiting for anyone who enjoys tweaking.

The Runestone side features both Soft and Hard Clipping options. Then the Herculean side offers a classic silicon soft clipping feel or “Zen” clipping that features MOSFET/ NOS Germanium diodes. Last but not least, the order of the two overdrives can also be changed.

Allowing for further tonal experimentation.

Herculean-DIP Switches

Mythical Drive Tone

This boutique dual overdrive could be the secret to unlocking great tone on your amp. I suspect like all Mythos Pedals, that the new Herculean Dual Overdrive will be a winner.

The new pedal is officially out on 21 February 2024, and I am looking forward to hearing what users think of this latest pedal from Mythos.

MSRP – EUR 349

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Mythos Pedals Herculean Dual Overdrive

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Mythos Pedals Herculean Dual Overdrive

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