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MI Blades

MI Blades  ·  Source: Mutable Instruments


Blades features dual multi-mode filters with overdrive and wavefolding that fall on a continuum of filtering lows, highs and everything in between.



Blades runs on the idea of being continuously between the extremes. While it will go up to low pass and down to high pass it also find itself smoothly moving through all the responses in between delivering intermediate shelving and nuanced spectral colouring. And while most dual filter configurations switch between being in series or parallel Blades straddles the space between them morphing from one to the other with the turn of a knob or an injection of CV.

The filters are 12dB state-variable filters with a CV controllable response. There are attenuverted CV inputs for the cutoff and resonance along with a 1V/Oct input to the frequency for a more musically precise control. Self-oscillation is very clean with a wide frequency range and if you modulate the response at the same time it gives the impression of phase shifting.

Before each filter is a CV controlled overdrive stage. The response is continuously variable between soft clipping and 2-stage wavefolding. It’s capable of some very juicy distortion.

While designed as a complex filter it can do all sorts of things once you start patching. You can push one filter into self-oscillation and filter it with itself, or you could invite all sorts of AM, FM and PM to come and play. You could mix and crossfade audio sources or turn it into a box of distortion. There are many possibilities which is why a Mutable Instruments release is always an exciting thing.

For the full shakedown on what Blades is all about check out the detailed video from DivKid below.

Blades is available now for €299.


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MI Blades

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