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Mr Black Doomstick fuzz

Mr Black Doomstick fuzz  ·  Source: Mr Black/YouTube


Mr Black pedals are all handmade in Portland, USA and their new Doomstick is designed to give you maximum fuzz with minimum fuss.



It may be doom, it may be just fuzz, or it may be a stoner-style fuzz pedal and all other musical genres where you could use a heavy fuzz effect. The Doomstick is actually so ‘fuzz’-heavy that Mr Black has included a built-in gate effect to tame it and make it usable even at extreme settings.


Mr Black Doomstick fuzz pedal USA, boutique

Doomstick a one knob fuzz pedal for stoner riffs? · Source: Mr Black

Big Knob

The single big knob in the middle is essentially a volume control, so the fuzz amount is fixed with a heavy gate already dialled in. That makes for a super-simple control interface with this fuzz pedal. Fuzz pedals have a very special appeal to many guitarists. The problem is that many of these effect pedals look great but are either uninspiring or difficult to use. But at least with this one, it should be easy to get up and running. Not for the faint-hearted though.

Mr Black makes great pedals, I use one of their Tunnelworm flangers and it is really well made, sounds great and like the Doomstick was handmade in the USA. I think the price of this new fuzz pedal is pretty much spot on and the demo is also pretty impressive, so make sure you check it out. Especially if you like a good dirt pedal like I do.


RRP – USD 89.95

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Mr Black Doomstick fuzz

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