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Too good to be true? A Moogboard. Or a Seamoog.  ·  Source:


We could hardly believe it ourselves, but we’ve just received an image that points to a new synthesizer being developed by – hold on to your hats – Moog and ROLI. Looking at the image – which could be a pic of a ready-to-launch product or a synth still on the drawing board – it looks like a combination of a Memorymoog and a Seaboard, with MPE support. I mean, jeez!


Moogboard or Seamoog?

We have no information as to the name of the new product. But right now, we don’t really care. I mean, look at this thing! We’re hoping for deluxe version with a MIDI interface, but given the calibre of the two companies involved here, it’s a dead cert.

The aesthetics for the new synth are a weird ‘frankensynth’ meld of Moog and ROLI heritage. The Memorymoog’s controls seem to have been transposed to exactly the same positions on this new instrument. The grey casing looks elegant, but I’m more of a wood-finish kinda person.

Given that neither company is known for its low pricing, we’d expect something in the EUR 4000-6000 range for this beast.


What do you think? What kind of functionality can we expect? How much would you be prepared to shell out on one of these things? Let us know in the comments section below.

We’ll update you more on this literally incredible story as we get it!

UPDATE: Of course we won’t – this was our April Fool’s post. How long were you taken in?


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8 responses to “Moog and ROLI to launch Memorymoog and Seaboard ‘frankensynth’!”

    Mike says:

    And a happy April Fool’s Day to you as well. 🙂

    BarryWarne says:

    Ideal if the keyboard and electronics roll up for storage in overhead bin on airlines. Wouldn’t even need a case.

    Uhg. You’re not even trying. You should have stayed in bed.

    Kenny says:

    I’d pay $4120.18 for this (or £1420.18 in the uk). These prices fit nicely in to the date it was posted. Nice one guys!

    Dave says:

    April fools?

    Rouzaud Joseph says:

    Too fucking expensive ! Uli will make his version for >2500

    Bob says:

    A brand new Moog MemoryMoog is on the way soon

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