Behringer Model D x 4

Behringer casually teases a polyphonic Model D

23 Nov 2019 · The Model D Warp Drive tease was ambiguous enough to make you think it could mean all sorts of things. But the latest tease video makes it clear than the Model D Warp Drive is all about polyphony.
Behringer WASP Deluxe

Official WASP Deluxe announcement from Behringer

22 Nov 2019 · After a bit of a tease and a retailer leak, we now have an official announcement from Behringer about their WASP Deluxe clone in the form of a video and sound demonstration. And yep, it sounds waspy.
Behringer WING

WING: it’s a Personal Mixing Console

17 Nov 2019 · It's a mixer! A good looking mixer, too, deliciously thin, jauntily angled, glowing like a space ship and packed with features and interconnectivity. This is WING.