Uli Behringer asks for ideas for Eurorack modules

15 Apr 2018 · With a couple of cool synthesizers under his belt Uli Behringer turns his attention to Eurorack modules. Do we want Behringer modules for $49-$99? If you've got some ideas Uli would love to hear them.
Behringer Neutron

Behringer Neutron round-up of latest demo videos

28 Feb 2018 · Demos and deep dives into the Behringer Neutron have started to appear as a few lucky beta testers share their thoughts on the prototype. We've pulled our favourites together in a handy round-up.

Behringer rumour mill points to Jupiter 8

26 Feb 2018 · We can't let a week go by without another Behringer synthesizer rumour. This time they were spotted playing with a Roland Jupiter 8 and a TR-909 - what could it possibly mean?
Behringer VC340

Behringer VC340 Vocoder Plus spotted in the wild

12 Feb 2018 · A prototype Behringer VC340 Vocoder Plus was spotted languishing in the studio of Facebook user Firechild. Now with a video demonstrating the awesome heart of this nonsense instrument.

Behringer announces OB-Xa clone: Is Uli for real?

09 Jan 2018 · Uli Behringer shares his thinking behind the cloning of classic synths and I'm starting to believe it. Is it time to stop the trash talk and celebrate what he's doing? Next up is an Oberheim OB-Xa clone.

Behringer finally reveals the Vocoder VC340

08 Jan 2018 · It's here, the first proper photo of what we now know is the Behringer Vocoder VC-340 and it looks an awful lot like the Roland Vocoder Plus VP-330, exactly as we hoped it would.