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Korg Monologue V2.0

Korg Monologue V2.0  ·  Source: Korg

Korg Minilogue V2.0

Korg Minilogue V2.0  ·  Source: Korg

With all the fuss and adulation of the Minilogue XD it’s good to see that Korg doesn’t forget the loyal users of the older model. They’ve just released a version 2.0 update to both the original Minilogue and the Monologue.

Minilogue 2.0

The new Minilogue firmware brings the microtuning features of the Minilogue XD which is probably most requested by users. There’s a new parameter looking after the range of sliders. The MIDI filter has better granularity and support for MIDI set position messages. There’s support for the Key-trig feature as on the Monologue. The display gets an update so it works more like the XD. And a few other bugs and bits and pieces have been sorted out. It feels like a smoothing of the features, making it more consistent between this synth and the ones that come after it.

The Sound Librarian also gets an update to version 1.10 to support the microtuning and a few other bug fixes.

Here’s how you run the update:

Monologue 2.0

There are some similar updates to the Monologue including the MIDI filter granularity and MIDI set position message support. It already had microtuning but now gets a number of presets from the XD. The slider range parameter is there but it also gets an added feature to turn off the scope. The main update is the support for active step feature for the sequencer.

This also bumps the Sound Librarian up to version 1.1 in order to support the updates.

Here’s how you do it:

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7 responses to “Korg Minilogue and Monologue get v2.0 updates and updated Sound Librarian”

  1. Paul Boos says:

    \0/ay Korg! Now I know why I find myself always coming back to buying their stuff.

  2. heath says:

    I like to use my minilogue and monologue using clock sync so I can still play both synthesizers live will this still be possible thank you any help would be appreciated.

  3. Rod says:

    This and the Ultimate Patches releases are what makes these synths so useful.

  4. andy butler says:

    would be nice to have the option ^not* to have tuning on boot up.
    then it’ll probably be in tune when it warms up.

    interesrinf features would be

    ability to load different sound while keeping sequence the same

    independent functions for both up and down on the slider,
    e.g. pitch on down half but vibrato depth on up half

  5. Raf says:

    This is not true the 2.0 update is Impossible to install with latest win 10 updates
    Any solutions offered on YouTube and discussion boards doesn’t work either!
    I am software developer and I know what I am talking about don’t buy it. The update don’t work via midi and via USB they ripping off people and doing development of the music torture. Don’t buy it! You have been warned.

  6. Raf says:

    Moreover librarian have the identical problem like the update, this makes The Korg devices useless junk. This is a ROBERY.

  7. Rob says:

    Hi, will my user patches stay intact after updating the OS?

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