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Korg Germany

Korg Germany  ·  Source: Korg

Korg has created a new subsidiary in Berlin called Korg Germany with a remit to develop instruments, partnerships and collaborations headed by awesome synth designer Tatsuya Takahashi who developed products such as the Korg Volcas, Minilogue and ARP Odyssey.

Korg Germany

Tatsuya is joined by Maximilian Rest from E-RM who is responsible for the soon to be arriving Polygogo Eurorack oscillator, amongst other things. Together they’ve developed the Granular Convolver as a project for Red Bull Music.

Korg Germany Max

Korg Germany Max

The plan is to set up a playground to explore ideas through building, experimenting, openness and curiosity. “We will only market the things that matter, because the key to our way of great business is to respect each other as humans and the resources of our planet.”

Or as Tatsuya puts it “We are the flux, and the fabric it passes through“. Groovy.

This is a very exciting partnership and comes at a time when extraordinary things are happening in the world of synthesizers and electronic music-making devices. This is just the beginning and Korg Germany is looking to fill all sorts of roles from office manager to engineers that look to start in May 2020.

I am looking forward to extraordinary things that matter.

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One response to “Korg Germany arrives in Berlin to build instruments with Tatsuya Takahashi”

  1. Monoteur says:

    I will never purchase any Korg Instrument in Germany again. After 2 obvious construction faults and production issues in Korg synths (gain stage bug in an organ, button production faults in a Minilogue) and the complete ignorance of the German Korg Distribution I never touch any Korg instrument in a shop. Sad that Takahashi will create some really good synths for Korg…

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