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Klevgrand Pana

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Developer Klevgrand is known for its sophisticated, characteristically Scandinavian takes on familiar audio effects. Its new release is Pana, a panning plug-in which proposes a more elegant solution for audio positioning than the one that’s been around for half a century or more. How so? Well, the most common approach (in basically any DAW or mixer) is to alter the volume on one channel and compensate in the other. This is the most straightforward and resource-efficient way to achieve a sense of position. Another way is adding a short delay to one of the channels (the Haas method). This renders a richer sound, but also somewhat unnatural.


Klevgrand Pana

What does Klevrand do? Pana picks up the Haas method and simultaneously applies a low pass filter to one of the channels. This maintains the audio energy on both channels while making it sound positioned. There’s also a crossover filter which makes it possible to leave the low frequencies completely untouched so the bass remains fully centered.

The pan knob in Pana is actually more of a macro controller, controlling multiple parameters for filter and micro delay. You can also adjust your head size (in the plug-in, not IRL). The trick is, binaural (human) hearing depends on the time difference between the ears, rather than sound level difference (as set by a normal pan knob). There’s a Size parameter to adjust the simulated time difference, as well as Rolloff to change the filtering of high frequencies on the opposite side of the sound source. Finally, you can check your panning adventures in mono. Other parameters include:

  • Crossover – The level of the internal frequency splitter. Frequencies below the selected value will remain unprocessed.
  • Stereo button – Press and hold for mono checks.
  • Pan lock – Locks the pan amount when browsing and loading presets.
  • Correlation – Left (red): Indication of possible phase issues. Middle: Wide stereo. Right (green): Left and right signals are in phase.

Klevgrand Pana – Price and availability

Pana is sold at 50% off until January 9 2022 at the following prices:

  • Pana for desktop (AU/VST/VST3/AAX, Win/Mac) – USD 20
  • Pana for iPad (Standalone / AUv3) – USD 5

Until unlocked, the Windows & macOS plugin functions in Demo Mode with occasional audio disruptions.

Klevgrand Pana – More information

Klevgrand Pana – Video

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Klevgrand Pana

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