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Splice Serum rent to own

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Apparently $189 is too much for many people to save up to buy a software synth like Serum. I guess it’s like three Xbox games or a month’s聽worth of trips to Starbucks. Or maybe, just for once, don’t go out for that curry on Friday night followed by an all-night bender.


When I saw this story popping up in my news feed I imagined that Serum must be seriously expensive, like Photoshop expensive. Enough to warrant the need to take out a loan to own it. But geez it’s only $189. However that’s not to say this isn’t a good idea and not everyone has money to splurge on software synths.

Serum is apparently the “go-to” wavetable synth which has the best sounds out there. I think Tone2 and their new Icarus 3D Wavetable synthesizer might have something to say about that (click here for more information on Icarus).

Splice and Xfer Records have decided to open up the Serum synth to anyone who can come up with 10 dollars a month. They are calling it a rent-to-buy payment plan which is pretty self explanatory. They don’t appear to have added any interest or charges and you can even take a payment holiday if you really can’t come up with the cash that month. Although I’m not sure if you can still use Serum during the holiday. Or maybe you just want to use it in a single project, in which case pay a tenner for a months worth with no strings attached.

Subscription services like those from Adobe, Avid and Cakewalk all have their lovers and haters. They don’t make you feel like you ever own the software and there’s this slight level of anxiousness that if you mess up you won’t be able to continue using it. With this hire purchase model at least you’ll end up owning your software after the agreed term. That, I think, is a much better feeling.


It will be interesting to see if other manufacturers see the value and follow this path. Or maybe you should just eat less donuts and save up for a bit.

More information can be found on the Splice website.

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Splice Serum rent to own

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2 responses to “Get Serum from Splice on hire purchase”

    suspicious harry says:

    You sound like a massive dick, so assumptive!

    Catapulting Feces says:

    I have 3 kids. It’s not easy to come up with $189 when I have to think about someone other than myself. This is a good idea for musicians who ARE literally starving… dick.

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