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FabFilter's Pro-Q 2 and other high-quality plugins are available in discounted bundles until August 1.  ·  Source: FabFilter

Summer is what it would feel like if Black Friday lasted an entire season. Plug-in manufacturers tend to host very good promotions with considerable discounts on their products. As it’s the season, FabFilter, makers of premium plug-ins in the pro audio niche, are taking a sizeable 25% off their their product bundles. This makes them a bit more affordable and within reach of those looking for a good deal on notable plug-ins like the Pro-Q 2 equalizer and Pro-C 2 compressor.

As it usually goes, the all-encompassing Total bundle packs the most value for money. With the discount, it’s less than 100 EUR pricier than the FX bundle, yet it contains four additional plug-ins for a grand total of 14. Additional bundles include the Mixing, Mastering, Essentials, and Creative packs. Unfortunately, the individual plug-ins are not discounted, so you’ll have to buy in bulk if you want the best value for money.

FabFilter’s -25% offer is good until 1 August. Hopefully, you didn’t overspend in all the other summer sales and will be able to scrounge together some cash before the end of July!

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