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XIRID XS2 sequencer

XIRID XS2 sequencer  ·  Source:

XIRID have been slowly revealing details of a new hardware sequencer called the XS2. We saw some mysterious images back in September. Now they are taking some prototypes along to the International Sound Summit in Torino, Italy from the 3rd to 5th November and the Soundmit website has posted some more details.


It appears to be in a fairly unfinished state. Luca Leoni, the sequencers designer, says that the operating system is not yet complete and that “some functions are already active and stable, others have yet to be written or optimized”. But they want to share what they’ve done so far, gauge reaction and see if anything comes to light that they should build into it. They are confident that the quality of the hardware and components will impress, but the brains still need a bit of work.

The current list of specs published on the Soundmit website (and translated from Italian) includes 64 tracks of up to 256 steps, and each track can have an independent length. Step time and real-time recording. Keys and scales both preset and user definable. MIDI and USB, no mention of CV. Microtiming, swing and grooves, and lots of modulation. There’s a MIDI looper function, advanced routing and MIDI learn on every parameter. Humanisation, randomising of parameters and you can assign buttons to favourite operations. It’s building quite a comprehensive list.

It’s got a nice big, full-colour screen front and centre, 8 digital encoders and 16 step buttons. It looks to be about the size of the Arturia Beatstep Pro, but in a really nice looking wooden box. Looking forward to more details as they emerge.

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