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Novation Circuit 1.6

Novation Circuit 1.6  ·  Source: Novation

Novation keep on fiddling with their Circuit groove box. From a capable but simple fun loving music making machine it’s grown into quite a comprehensive device. Largely thanks to the passionate mob of users who want the Circuit to be just that little bit better – and then better again. The great thing is that Novation seem to be listening and wishes keep getting granted.

Circuit 1.6

This time around it’s something as dull, yet vital as panning. Yes, that’s right, there was no panning on Circuit up until this point. You have a mixer section and everything but no panning. Madness, isn’t it? Well, that’s all changed. Now with the touch of the octave up button in mixer mode the knobs become panning knobs. It’s the sort of thing that always should have been there, but now we no longer have to moan about it.

Next up is an FX Mute button. It’s pretty simple, just hit this newly lit pad in FX mode and it kills all the effects.

The ability to dim the pads was, apparently, a hugely requested feature. For some people, in some environments the lights are just too bright. So now, in the settings, you can set them to “dimmed”. There’s no granulation on that, it’s either regular levels or dimmed. But that should stop them dazzling you when you’re trying to compose in bed.

And finally, probably the most interesting advancement is with micro-steps. These are sequencer steps in between the usual steps. Essentially they’ve increased the resolution of the sequencer so that you can now squeeze in an additional 6 steps between each regular step.

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