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Highly Liquid MIDI CPU

Highly Liquid MIDI CPU  ·  Source: Highly Liquid

If you’ve ever got frustrated with your MIDI controller and thought that you could design something more tailored to your needs then Highly Liquid MIDI CPU is for you.

Highly Liquid MIDI CPU

It’s a PCB with a microcontroller and everything you need to build your own MIDI controller. Now, by “build” I mean get your soldering iron out and start wiring stuff together. This is not some modular MIDI box, this is stripped down DIY electronics. You are going to need to design a front panel, or at least get some knobs and faders for you to use as data inputs. It’s not really about adding a keyboard, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t add a row of buttons to trigger notes.

It can all be configured in the software, mapping values to controls and customising it to do the things you want it to do. You’ve got 24 control points to go wild with. What sort of configuration could you come up with? Arcade buttons? Two-handed lever faders? Radio dials for knobs? The possibilities are endless for someone with a bit of gumption and a desire to get creative.

The board costs €39.99 and you’ll find all the files you need on the Github page.

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