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Thenatan Brain

Thenatan Brain  ·  Source: Thenatan

Thenatan Brain

Thenatan Brain  ·  Source: Thenatan

Thenatan Brain  ·  Source: Thenatan

Never have to come up with your own patch again with this intelligent and generative soft-synth called BRAIN.


Click a button and Brain will come up with the perfect patch for your situation and I for one welcome our artificially intelligent musical overlords. It uses a unique algorithm called XY-DNA to combine oscillators envelopes, LFOs, pitches and filters in interesting and pleasing ways.

The Brain engine features 2 oscillators with up to 12 unison voices, envelopes for amp and filter, pitch and filter LFOs and a bunch of effects. Everything is beautifully animated and the interface is very scalable. It has a browsable preset system and you can share infinite intelligent patches with other Brain users.

At this point there doesn’t appear to be any sound or video demos that I can find and so exactly what it sounds like is anyone’s guess. Thenatan suggests that you can create beautifully complex pads, warm moving keys, musically unique basses, out-of-control leads and “oh my god” textures with a single click.

Brain is on a spectacular deal of $12.50 for the next couple of days before going back to $79.50. So maybe it’s worth a punt without having to hear it. Available now for Mac and Windows in AU and VST format.

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