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Black Corporation ISE-NIN

Black Corporation ISE-NIN  ·  Source: Black Corporation


Holy crap! Black Corporation reveals that they have what looks like a Jupiter-8 clone up its sleeve. It’s called ISE-NIN and this is going to be awesome.



All we have is an Instagram post and a description that says something along the lines that it’s been a while since they released anything so how about this thing? The tagline link under their name says “Jupiter Planet” and takes you to the top posts with that tag. But you’ve only got to look at it to know that this is a Black Corporation take on the classic and iconic Roland Jupiter-8.

Roland Jupiter-8

Roland Jupiter-8

You’re hit immediately by the familiar bands of orange around the labels and then the interface of sliders and even those fader caps are about right. Then you can match up the sections, the two VCOs, the VCO Modulator, the VCA, two envelopes and the all-important filter section. We have the arpeggiator implemented differently and a Master section that incorporates portamento, splits, layers and a preset system via a nice looking screen. They’ve decided not to go for any of the colourful buttons.

Apparently preorders open next week although the price has not been confirmed and there are currently no further details on the website but we should see it later this year.


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This is a really exciting development with a slightly quizical name. It feels like we’ve waited a lifetime for someone to resurrect this Lord of Synthesizers and who better to completely nail this instrument than Black Corporation? If anyone knows what the name means then let me know in the comments!

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Black Corporation ISE-NIN

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5 responses to “Black Corporation ISE-NIN: Is that a Jupiter-8?”

    pfrf says:

    Ice nine is solid water that is created by high pressure. I’m not sure if it is a real substance or a theoretical one. The idea is, the ice is so cold that it instantly freezes anything that touches it, so is dangerous, or something like that.
    I don’t know if Black Corp. are referencing it, I don’t know what frozen water has to do with synthesis.

    Simon says:

    Ice-nine is a fictional solid polymorph of water from Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle.

    JP says:

    A more pressing question is how many Jupiter 8 emulations does the world really need?

      Alan says:

      Is there another clone of Jupiter 8 ? I know only of software emulation (that includes Jupiter-X).

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