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Behringer System 100 121 VCF and 140 Envelope

Behringer System 100 121 VCF and 140 Envelope  ·  Source: Behringer

The first couple of System 100 modules have appeared on the Behringer website complete with videos detailing their operation. Looks like Behringer is planning to slowly ramp up the interest towards release.

System 100

The 121 Dual VCF is a pair of filters. Each one has 3 inputs to take 3 sources with their own mixing knob. The low pass cutoff and resonance are there on nice big sliders and are CV controllable. Additionally, there’s a high-pass filter with 3 fixed frequencies. Each filter has 2 outputs which is handy.

In the video it sounds pretty darn awesome. It’s only a short demo but they’ll be building up a playlist of System 100 modules over time. Watch it to the end for bloopers!

The 140 Dual Envelope/LFO is a pair of ADSR envelopes and a syncable 5-waveform LFO. Each envelope has a Gate input and also a useful manual gate button. There are two outputs for each envelope plus an inverted output. The LFO can run in internal or external sync, can be delayed to offer vibrato at the end of a sound and has two outputs, one of which is inverted. There’s also an attenuator switch on the output for calming it down to some gentler modulation.

Well, I’m looking forward to more.


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