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Behringer Crave and Pro-1

Behringer Crave and Pro-1  ·  Source: Behringer

The eagerly awaited Pro-1 and Crave synthesizers are on their way according to a Facebook post from Behringer.  1,000 units of each are being air-freighted to the Thomann Music Superstore in Germany in order to cope with the demand.


The Behringer Pro-1 is based upon the Sequential Circuits Pro-One from the early 1980s. It’s a 2 oscillator Curtis chip monosynth with a 24dB filter, twin envelopes and a 3 waveform LFO. There’s a rather nice modulation matrix on the left, a little sequencer and arpeggiator and a bunch of CV patch points running along the top.

You can now preorder the Pro-1 for £297.05 from Thomann.


Behringer says this isn’t really based on anything but many people have pointed out that it follows the features of the Moog Mother-32. Although it does have a different sort of oscillator. It’s semi-modular with plenty of patch points and has a sequencer. It looks great, doesn’t take up much room and doesn’t follow that same Eurorack style of the Model D, Neutron and Pro-1. It’s fun to play with and comes in at a remarkable price.

You can preorder the Crave for £134.62 from Thomann.

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  1. Pierrick says:

    At this price point? These are gonna sell like hot cakes.

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