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Beetronics OctaHive Fuzz Pedal

Beetronics OctaHive Fuzz Pedal  ·  Source:

Beetronics OctaHive WhoctaHell Fuzz Pedal PCB

Beetronics OctaHive WhoctaHell Fuzz Pedals custom PCBs  ·  Source:


Beetronics WhoctaHell-Fuzz Pedal  ·  Source:


Beetronics OctaHive and WhoctaHell  ·  Source:

Beetronics hand build their products in the USA; their range includes a range of custom fuzz/octave pedals. The latest two are the WhoctaHell and the OctaHive, both are fuzz pedals incorporating octave effects and feature really neat custom-etched internal PCBS. 


The WhoctaHell is fuzz pedal with an octave down effect. You can play each separately or combine the two effects for more whacked out fuzz tones. The controls are fairly straight forward, you get a dial for Octave (Hell), one for fuzz (Whocta) and a master volume on the side. Their is also a big LED which glows red when the octave is engaged and Blue when it is bypassed.


The OctaHive is a similar fuzz/octave design, just with an octave up this time. It is based on the classic 1970s Tychobrae Octave pedal (SRV loved these) and is a very popular ‘Hendrix’ style fuzz. There is a Pre (pre-gain) and a Honey (gain/fuzz) control, though this time the volume is on the front rather than on the side.

The trick with Tycobrae-style octave fuzz is ‘don’t dime the gain on the fuzz’. That way you get those classic singing fuzz sustain notes. It would appear that the Octave follows this rule and so it should sound good if it’s like the originals it’s based upon.


Hive details

So you may have noticed that relic finish, I certainly did. Not sure I like it. However, it doesn’t really detract either. I do however really like the level of detail in their PCB boards! I’m sure the looks will divide opinions though. The actual sound quality of both units in the demo videos does suggest that they both have their own unique characters. Which is what really matters, as I like a fuzz with sonic style myself, so I appreciate a strong tonal flavour rather than just a bland fizz.

RRP USD $230 standard (as shown) or $280 with custom paint job

Find out more on the Beetronics site.

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