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Numerical Audio Agonizer

Numerical Audio Agonizer  ·  Source: Numerical Audio

Numerical Audio Agonizer

Numerical Audio Agonizer  ·  Source: Numerical Audio

Numerical Audio in collaboration with YouTuber Jakob Haq has released AGONIZER “It’s a Badman Thing” monster monophonic wavetable bass synth.


It’s a big bad bass synth designed in part by the baddest iOS music making YouTuber Jakob Haq. It cross modulates two wavetable oscillators with detuning, blending and a sub-oscillator. Then it adds some noise and pummels itself through the Mangle section featuring drive, crush, push and lift effects before plummeting into the filter and effects section. You have all the usual ADSR and LFO modulators but then, at the bottom, there’s the Wobulator.

What’s the Wobulator? It’s a 4-step LFO sequencer meaning that you can step through different LFOs for each note being played giving that essential “wub wub wub” variation to the deepest, baddest bass sounds. It’s simple but it’s also capable of complex modulations and intense situations.

It comes with 140 bass presets designed by Jakob and can be played expressively with the touch screen of your iPad or via MIDI and has support for MPE controllers in a single channel mode – it’s monophonic after all.

Of course it will connect to every kind of thing inside iOS: AUv3, IAA, Audiobus, Ableton Link and Standalone.

It sounds totally brilliant and with all the time Jakob has poured into using synths and music software on iOS you know it’s going to be an awesomely playable experience. Agonizer is available now for $9.99 and for a full walkthrough check out the video below.

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