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After Later Audio Blend, Tilt and Steps

After Later Audio Blend, Tilt and Steps  ·  Source: After Later Audio

Blend will mix and control the amps, Tilt will function generate and envelope and Steps will burst with random looping stepped CV. Three solid new modules from After Later Audio.


It will turn things up, it will turn things down, it will mix and it will scale, Blend is packed with useful functionality. You can mix two channels of CV or audio and get a choice of four mixed outputs: Min, Max, Comparator and regular Summed. The direct output of each channel is normalled to the VCA so you can enact them upon the signal chain or use them independently. The VCA circuits are LM13700 based and so add some character to the sound with a slight exponential curve.

After Later Audio Blend

After Later Audio Blend


Based on the Serge Slope Generator Tilt can be a slew limiter, an envelope generator a function generator, an LFO and a VCO if you push it hard enough. Along with the usual Rise and Fall you have Shape controls and a Sustain to set a level while the gate remains high. You can use a unipolar or bipolar output and Rise and Fall can be modulated separately or from a single CV input. Tilt is so useful it’s the kind of module you might feel you need at least a pair of.

After Later Audio Tilt

After Later Audio Tilt


We all like a bit of Random Looping and Burst Generation! You can use Steps as either a random stepped CV generator or as an 8 step loop. Triggering the Burst generator will play the 8 step loop or 8 random steps and you’ll need to retrigger it to get another 8 steps – so it’s like playing an 8-note melody on demand. There’s an End-Of-Burst trigger that could be used to trigger another Burst on another Steps and have dualling random burst generation going on. There’s a lot to explore in this module.

After Later Audio Steps

After Later Audio Steps

Feature rich

I really like the way the look of these modules follows through from one to another, they would look great together in your rack. There’s a lot of functionality packed into these modules. Blend is available for $119, Tilt for $139 and Steps for $129. Check out DivKid’s demonstration video below.

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