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AudioThing Things Tilt

AudioThing Things Tilt  ·  Source: AudioThing


In celebration of the company’s 10th anniversary, AudioThing is currently offering generous discounts on all of its products. They’ve also introduced a new plug-in: AudioThing Things Tilt is a tilt equalizer for quick adjustments to your tracks. And you can get it for less than 10 Euros or even for free during the promotion – that’s what they call a no-brainer!


AudioThing Things Tilt

AudioThing has expanded its Things series with Things Tilt, a tilt EQ effect. And it’s a steal: in celebration of the company’s anniversary, Things Tilt is now available for just €9.

A tilting EQ lets you adjust the high and low frequencies of an audio signal simultaneously. When you turn the tilt knob, the highs are boosted while the lows are attenuated, or the other way around. It’s a quick way to balance out the frequency content of any signal. You can adjust the tilt frequency (the boundary between highs and lows) using the cutoff knob.

What’s especially interesting is that Things Tilt offers a mid/side mode. This means that you can apply the effect specifically to the sides or the center of the stereo image, thereby affecting the stereo width. Give the high frequencies at the left and right edges of your mix a boost, or cut down the highs and boost the lows in the center. At the end of the signal path, you can activate a soft clip option to keep the levels in check.

Price, compatibility and anniversary deals

In celebration of the company’s anniversary, AudioThing is currently offering generous discounts on all of its products until April 30, 2021. Things Tilt is now available for an introductory price of just €9. You can also get the plug-in at Plugin Boutique*. And if you buy any other AudioThing plug-in during the anniversary sale, or have previously bought Things Texture or Things Motor, you get Things Tilt for free!


The plug-in runs on macOS 10.9 or higher and Windows 7 or higher in AU, VST, VST3 and AAX formats (64 bit).

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AudioThing Things Tilt

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