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15 Guitar Myths That Make Us All Look CRAZY!

15 Guitar Myths That Make Us All Look CRAZY!  ·  Source: YouTube/Darrell Braun Guitar

We have all heard a few myths about guitar playing and how to get a great guitar tone. The internet is awash with old wives’ tales about how nitro sounds better than poly, how old pickups are ALWAYS better than new ones, rosewood and maple fretboards sound completely different, yada yada yada… 

15 Myths That Make Us All Look CRAZY!

At gearnews we’ve featured videos by Darrell Braun Guitar  a few times and here he has done a great job of confronting 15 of the myriad myths about electric guitars head on. Of course internet guitar forums and social media are a hotbed of heated discussions about our favourite instrument. Some of the myths in this video sound (kinda) reasonable, some are just insane. Like: “I can hear a difference between a pedal powered by battery and one powered from the mains”!

At some point in my life I probably have believed all of these myths. Back in the ’80s when I was a kid learning the guitar, the world was full of guitar wisdom and most of it came via word of mouth. Also, marketing plays a lot in the role of how this rubbish becomes “fact”.

What are your favourite guitar myths? I’d love to hear your favourite guitar myths in the comments section below – don’t hold back and share with me all your favourite old wives tales about guitars. Among my favourites is that “wood breathes”. If you ask me that is total bollocks. It is a dead bit of tree that was seasoned and more than likely kiln dried. But I regularly see this statement chanted verbatim on guitar forums.

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by Jef

5 responses to “15 guitar myths that drive us all crazy – busted!”

  1. Unapologist says:

    I love the “my guitar has nitro on it, it breathes” humbug the most. In the guitar world some myths on the same level as the earth is flat go around simply because of YT videos spreading the misinformation. It’s good to see some videos trying to go against the myths

  2. Clark says:

    Honestly not excited to see list articles. That’s why I’m here and not on

  3. Josiah says:

    Im all for busting myths, BUT semi hollow guitars do have a distinct sound, and wood matters just as much as pickups so does neck wood

  4. Sebastian says:

    I got it right the difference between maple and rosewood, it is clear to my ears, hollow and semi-hollows give very different sounds to solid guitars. They are easily verifiable realities.

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