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1010music bitbox Mk2

1010music bitbox Mk2  ·  Source: 1010music


1010music’s digital Eurorack module keeps evolving. This time they’ve reworked the bitbox sampler giving it twice the processing power, 24-voice polyphony, a granular mode and more.


bitbox Mk2

It can load up a folder of samples and scatter them across 16 touch-screen pads or play like a traditional sampler instrument in Sampler Mode. Swap to Clip mode for looping and synchronised triggering. Slicer Mode gets down to regions of a sample whereas Granula Mode lets you morph down to the grains.

The internal memory is only 64MB for your sampled instruments but you can stream 8 larger samples of up to 4GB straight from the SD card and manipulate them on the way. You have MIDI and CV control over everything and don’t forget the touch screen for instant triggering and editing. The screen has been improved with better viewing from all angles.

You can now import presets directly into Ableton Live as a 4×4 bank of samples complete with slice data.


Sampling directly into bitbox Mk2 can be done via the stereo 24-bit 48kHz inputs. You then have a stereo output plus a pair of mono sends for effects.

To use all that polyphony you’ll need to connect a MIDI controller or DAW. One nice feature is that the TRS MIDI input supports both Type A and Type B adapters which is useful because I never have the right one to hand.

Lots of control available including start position, length, gain, loop mode, launch quantization, grain size, grain spread, grain count,  pitch, gain, filter, pitch, modulation and ADSR envelopes plus MIDI note, channel mapping and control mapping. That’s a lot in a Eurorack module.

I’m very intrigued by these boxes and wonder how well they fit into a Eurorack workflow. They are certainly very powerful and can bring a whole different polyphonic vibe into your rack.

Bitbox Mk2 will be available in June for $599.95.

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1010music bitbox Mk2

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