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The legendary CS80 - is Yamaha going to reissue it?

The legendary CS80 - is Yamaha going to reissue it?  ·  Source:


So whose hand do we have to bite off to make this happen? It appears that the R&D department at Yamaha has been putting out feelers about the possibility of bringing back the fabled CS-80 analogue polysynth.


CS-80 Reissue or evolution?

That’s the question. Yamaha insiders were all emailed this question and asked to provide feedback on the YamahaSynth IdeaScale forum. The email shared by “Derek” on the forum states that Yamaha is trying to “understand your analog synthesizer requests a bit more clearly.” They say that this in no way implies any commitment to make any kind of product – this is more of a “what-if” scenario.

So, conceptually, would you want a reissue of the CS-80 in all its former glory or something that takes the technology and the soul of the synth and pushes it into new directions? The YamahaSynth forum is full of ideas as you can imagine ranging from that it has to be completely authentic through to analogue modelling, Reface style mini synths and CS-80/DX7 hybrids.

It could be very exciting. We already have the very well regarded Deckard’s Dream from Black Corporation, which is more of a homage to the CS-80 and comes with a historical price tag. There’s always the possibility that Behringer might turn their hand to it although it’s not appeared in any of the leaks or discussions up to now. The question of price is, of course, one of great concern. Do they go for something exclusively pricy like the Moog One or do they aim for a wider, more cost-effective audience?

I find it remarkable that Yamaha has taken this long to grasp people’s interest in hands-on analogue synthesizers. Their Reface mini keyboards were at least a nod towards the market’s thirst for vintage sounds but they could have done far more extraordinary things with their back catalogues. Maybe this is the time.


Anyway, if you want to express your thoughts then sign up to the YamahaSynth forum and unload your CS-80 dreams. Yamaha is listening.

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Check out Look Mum No Computer’s take on the CS-80 – it’s really helpful!

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4 responses to “Yamaha asks if we’d like to see the return of the CS-80 analogue polysynth.”

    Kal says:

    “Deckard’s Dream from Black Corporation, which is more of a homage to the CS-80 and comes with a historical price tag”
    what does that mean? What did the CS-80 cost new adjusted for inflation. What does a used one sell for now?

      Robin says:

      It means that it’s not a CS-80 but it has the sort of price you’d expect to pay for a synth of its calibre before Behringer came along and sold a Minimoog for a tenth of the “historical” price. Do you see what I’m saying?

    Scott says:

    Anyone heard the latest on this?

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